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My New Year Resolutions      

新年計畫- 燈飾
Aaron    (電子業 上班族 台北) (EET Student)
My New Year Resolutions of 2019Aaron, Taipei

Hello, everyone! My name is Aaron. I have three resolutions for the year of 2019. I would like to share them with you.

1. Don’t think too Much

My English teacher and my foreign colleague are so done with me! I always think too much when I speak or write in English. I like to compare language rules. Now, for this year, I plan not to think too much. I will trust my teacher more and take my English learning easy, or it will be very difficult for me to do better than other average learners.


2. Watch less TV

I often watch 4 to 6 hours TV after my English lesson on Saturdays. I am really interested in watching sports and variety shows on TV. Then I always take a glass of beer and relax after a long week and a hard English lesson. So, for this year, I think I should save a lot of time to study more. I plan to improve my English more this year, so I can leave Huang sometime. Well, you know, I don’t think I should learn English from Huang all my life. She is very difficult, and I can’t afford her criticism or deal with her when I am in my fifties! In short, I learn a lot from her but if I learn English from her all my life, it will cost an arm and a leg. I prefer to use the money to travel around the world.


3. Don't wait until the Last Minute

I often finish my English homework five or ten minutes before my class. In fact, it’s very dangerous and my teacher is often angry with it. Sometimes I can’t get any good ideas or talk fluently. I know I have to change it, but I am usually so tired after long meetings at work on weekdays. I just want to sit on the sofa and do nothing and I have no energy to take out my English books. From this year, I have made weekly plans for my daily study. Therefore, I think my English teacher will be happy with my hard work!

I hope I will make a terrific progress, so I can make new and different resolutions for the year of 2020. What about yours? I am interested to know about yours.

大家好!我叫 Aaron,我想和你們分享我為這 2019 新的一年訂的三個新計劃



工作忙了一整個星期,星期六上完困難的英語家教課後,我常看4到6個小時的電視。我真的很喜歡看體育和綜藝節目,然後喝杯啤酒,好好地放鬆。今年,我打算少看點電視,多花時間在英文上,再讓英語能力多進步一些,接著有天就可以離開黃老師。嗯,你知道….. 我不想一輩子都跟黃老師學習英語。她很難搞,我沒辦法想像在我到五十多歲時,還要承受她的批評或跟她打交道!簡而言之,我從她的課學到了很多東西,但如果我一輩子都跟她學的話,會花費超多錢,我覺得這些錢不如用來環遊世界。





那你呢?我很想知道你的新年計畫是什麼?  (下方留言板,歡迎你留言!中英皆可~)

原文作者:  Aaron, 電子業上班族
               (EET 全方位生活+商用英語課學員)
提交&刊登日期:  2019年2月2日
中文翻譯: EET 小編

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