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我的澳洲之旅 旅遊記事   (中英對照)
My Trip in Australia, Travel Journal (Bilingual)

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睿騏英文家教學員  旅遊經驗分享
     Travelling in Australia, EET Student

作者:  Bruce

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The year of 2016, my family and I decided to go to Australia for a vacation. We found several trip packages form Cola Tour’s website and chose a 3-in-1 package which included three biggest cities in Australia. The trip took 9 days in a total. However, I just wrote my journals for seven days.

Day 1

Our flight arrived at Sydney Airport at 10am (AEST, Australian Eastern Standard Time). The weather was very good, and the sky was very blue. When the tourist bus came, it was very special that we had to put our luggage in the trailer behind the bus. We found out that the direction of the road and the position of driver were on the opposite of Taiwan. And then, we had buffet for lunch in a big casino. The buffet was very delicious, but we couldn’t eat much because we just had breakfast before we landed. That was a pity. Then we went to Blue Mountains National Park. The place was called “Echo Point” where you could see all the view of the park. The park is a big valley. The most famous hill is “Three Sister”. My father and I followed a path that led us to a place near the “Three Sister”.
And then we went to a club which had a Chinese restaurant for dinner.
The food there was very terrible. They simply put cauliflower in every dish. We went to a supermarket called “Woolworths” after dinner.
We bought some cookies and fruits. We found out that a bottle of milk was cheaper than a bottle of water in Australia. It was unbelievable, because the price of milk was more expensive than the water in Taiwan.

We arrived at our hotel about 8pm (AEST). It was a big golf resort.




我們的航班早上10點抵達雪梨機場 (Sydney Airport) (AEST,澳大利亞東部標準時間),天氣很好,天空很藍。我們的旅遊巴士很特別,因為行李是放在巴士的後座行李箱。還有,在澳洲道路的方向和駕駛員的位置和台灣的相反。



用餐後,我們去藍山國家公園,這個地方被稱為“迴聲點” (Echo Point),在這裡你可以看到公園裡的所有景色。公園是個很大的山谷。最有名的是山丘叫“三姐妹岩” (Three Sister)。我和我爸也順著往接近三姐妹的路徑走上去。然後,我們到俱樂部裡一間中國餐館吃晚餐,超難吃。好像每一道菜裡就只是放了花椰菜。






Day 2

The breakfast of the hotel was very good. Especially they had a powerful juice machine which could make apple juice without cutting it. There were some apples, some oranges, some watermelons, some cantaloupes and some celery. Our bellies were filled with juice.

We went to Blue Mountains National Park again after breakfast, but we entered the “Scenic World” this time. First, we took a five-minute ride, called “Scenic Railway”that had an incline of 52 degree, which was said to be the steepest railway in the world. And then, we followed the path that led us to go through the jungle. The eucalyptus trees were everywhere. We saw two lyrebirds on the road, and according to the tour guide, we were very lucky to see them. We took Scenic Cableway to go back to the top. We had buffet for lunch, but yesterday’s buffet was better.





早餐後又到了藍山國家公園一趟,但是我們這次是去“藍山絕景世界” (Scenic World)。我們先坐了52度傾斜坡度的“觀光火車” (Scenic Railway) 進去,車程5分鐘,聽說這是世界上最陡峭的鐵路。
接著我們沿著路徑進入了叢林,到處都是桉樹 (eucalyptus tree),在路邊看到兩隻琴鳥 (lyrebird),導遊說我們很真幸運。我們再坐空中景觀電纜車 (Scenic Cableway) 回到頂端,享用了自助午餐,但昨天早餐比較好吃。


We went to Sydney Opera House in the afternoon. There were a lot of people. Sydney Opera House is an amazing building, it’s very beautiful. We stepped into the Opera House with an official guide. Lucky for us, we went to the main concert hall for a short visit. Everything in that hall was made by special wood. One of the largest pipe organs in the world was in that hall. Our tour in the house ended in just 15 minutes. It was too short to enjoy everything inside and we didn’t even have time to visit the official souvenir store.

After that we went the Royal Botanic Gardens for a little walk, it was just near the Opera House. There were a lot of big trees and birds in the Gardens. We had dinner in the tourist ship. We had a tour around Sydney Bay on the ship. The view on the ship was very beautiful and we took lots of pictures, but the meal on the ship was not good.

We went to Sydney Tower after dinner. The tower was in the centre of  the Sydney, it was 309 meters high. We could see the night view of Sydney in the tower, it was brilliant.

Our hotel was in the Bankstown, it took about 30 minutes to get there. The hotel was in a casino.


下午我們造訪了雪梨歌劇院 (Sydney Opera House),人超多。歌劇院是座令人讚嘆的建築,非常漂亮。我們跟著導遊步入了歌劇院。雖然時間很短暫,我們很幸運,參觀了主要音樂廳。整個音樂廳都是由特殊的木材製成的,世界上最大的管風琴之一就在這大廳裡。因為人潮真的很多,我們能能待歌劇院的時間只有15分鐘,太短了,沒辦法好好在裡面盡情享受這一切,我們甚至沒有時間去逛裡面的紀念品店。

之後,我們到歌劇院附近的皇家植物園 (Royal Botanic Gardens) 走走,裡面有很多大樹和小鳥。我們在旅遊船上吃晚餐,沿途欣賞雪梨灣 (Sydney Bay) 的景色,很美麗,我們拍了很多張照片,但船上的餐點並不好吃。

晚飯後,我們到雪梨市中心參觀雪梨塔 (Sydney Tower),高309米,可以看到雪梨的夜景,美極了。

我們今晚住賓士鎮 (Bankstown) 的飯店,從雪梨塔到飯店車程30分鐘。飯店是在一間賭場裡面。


Day 3

The weather was bad, and there was a light drizzle sometimes. Today was the beginning of Easter vacation, Australian citizens came out to the street and enjoyed themselves.

We went to Royal Botanic Gardens again in the morning. We had a look around the Mrs. Macquarie's Chair. Mrs. Macquarie was Major-General Lachlan Macquarie’s wife. Major-General Lachlan Macquarie was the last Britain's Governor of Australia New South Wales. He was famous for his contribution to the immigration policy of Australia, so some people called him ‘Father of Australia’.

Afterwards we went to Hyde Park, there was a beautiful fountain with some flowers in the park. St. Mary’s Cathedral was near the park, and we had a look around the cathedral. This cathedral was the biggest that I ever seen, because cathedrals were so small in Taiwan. St. Mary’s Cathedral was very beautiful both inside and out. But unfortunately the priests didn't allow us to to take any pictures inside the building.

We went to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium in the afternoon. There was one special animal in the Aquarium, it was called manatee. But I have to say I felt that Taiwan’s National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium was better than Sydney Aquarium. After that we went shopping in the duty free shop. We had fried Dolly fish for dinner. We went back to the hotel afterwards. My parents and I had a little adventure in this neighbourhood. We went to a grocery store for some fruits and an Egyptian roast chicken shop for a roast chicken. We had a delicious supper.




今天再次到了皇家植物園 (Royal Botanic Gardens),看「麥格理夫人椅」(Mrs. Macquarie's Chair)。麥格理夫人是澳州新南威爾士州的最後一任英國的州長的妻子。少將對澳大利亞的移民政策有很大的貢獻,因此也有人稱他為“澳大利亞之父” (Father of Australia)。

後來我們到海德公園 (Hyde Park)內美麗噴泉走走,園內有種植一些花。聖瑪麗大教堂(St. Mary’s Cathedral) 就在附近,我們就順便欣賞了該教堂。這座大教堂是我見過的最大的一座,因為在台灣的教堂很小。聖瑪麗大教堂內外都非常漂亮,但可惜的是,牧師不允許我們在教堂內照相。

下午我們去了悉尼海洋生物水族館 (SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium)。館內有一特殊的動物叫海牛(manatee)。但是,我不得不說,我覺得,海洋生物的台灣國立博物館和水族館 (National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium) 比悉尼水族館還比較好。

之後,我們又到免稅店購物,點了炒多莉魚 (Dolly fish) 來吃,回到酒店之後,我和爸媽決定探索飯店周圍的地區。我們在雜貨店買了一些水果和埃及烤雞店的烤雞的肉,我們吃了一頓美味的晚餐。



Day 4

We went to Sydney Airport early in the morning. We went to Melbourne by Qantas Airline and we landed in Melbourne Airport at 10am.
Melbourne is a city which was designed by British government about two centuries ago. The streets were clean and organized. There were several light rails on the main streets. We began to go on a sightseeing tour in Melbourne city. We went to St. Patrick's Cathedral at first. It is said to be the largest cathedral in southern earth. This cathedral allowed tourists to take pictures inside the building, so I took lots of beautiful pictures.




我們清晨前往雪梨機場,搭乘澳洲航空 (Qantas Airline)去墨爾本,我們10點鐘到達墨爾本機場。

大約兩個世紀前,墨爾本是由英國政府設計的一個城市,街道乾淨有序,在主要街道上會有輕軌道,我們開始了在墨爾本市中心的觀光旅遊。我們先去聖帕特里克大教堂 (St. Patrick's Cathedral),此教堂據說是在南地球上最大的教堂,遊客可以在教堂內拍照,所以我拍了很多張照片,很漂亮。



Then we had lunch near the Victoria Harbour at a buffet restaurant. There was a group of Spanish singers singing songs while we were having our meal, and they presented their CDs if the customers wished to buy. We went to Shrine of Remembrance after the lunch. It’s a Romanesque place where Australian remember their dead soldiers in the battlefield. A beautiful and very solemn place.


我們在維多利亞港 (Victoria Harbour) 附近吃午餐,餐廳內有一群西班牙歌手現場演唱,他們也提供錄製的CD讓顧客購買。

午餐後,我們造訪了墨爾本戰爭紀念館 (Shrine of Remembrance )。這是一個羅馬式建築的地方,美麗且非常莊嚴,是澳洲人用來追憶過去在戰場上犧牲的戰士們的聖地。


Then we went to a very famous garden - Fitzroy Gardens. There were a lot of trees, big or small, and there was a greenhouse which was full of flowers. Cooks’ Cottage was one of famous places in the garden. The cottage was built by captain Cook’s parents in England in 1755 and it was moved to Melbourne in 1934. Cook was a captain of British Royal Navy and a great navigator. He was the first man who discovered a new land –Australia.

Our next stop was the Melbourne Central and we took the light rail to the centre. Melbourne Central was a large shopping mall. There were hundreds of shops in the mall. The mall was crowded with locals and tourists, because it was Saturday. We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, but the food they provided was not good. Our hotel was located in the Chinese district, and it was in the small entertainment mall.
There were a bowling alley, a movie theatre and several restaurants. There were several bars near the mall.




然後,我們到了非常有名的菲茨羅伊花園 (Fitzroy Gardens)。有很多樹木,或大或小,還有一間開滿鮮花的溫室。接著,來到了花園裡有名的地方之一: 墨爾本庫克船長小屋 (Cooks’ Cottage),庫克是英國皇家海軍的一名上尉也是偉大的航海家,他是發現新大陸 - 澳大利亞的第一人。這間小屋是由他的父母於1755年在英國建造,到了1934年被整間遷移到墨爾本。

我們坐輕軌到了行程的下一站:墨爾本中央 (Melbourne Central) 。墨爾本中央在市中心,是棟大型購物中心,也是墨爾本市的地標,內有數百家商店,因為是星期六,購物中心內充滿了擁擠的當地人和遊客。我們選了一家中國餐館吃晚餐,但並不好吃。




Day 5

We went to an unknown forest recreation area first in the morning. Actually this place wasn’t included in our travel plan, we went to the area because we had extra time.

We took a little walk in the forest and the air in the forest was very fresh. We went to the wild parrots feeding area. There were several parrots on the trees, but they weren’t interested in the food we provided.

We left the area and headed to a restaurant for lunch. There was a small town with several special shops on the way to the restaurant. It’s an artistic town. My father bought a porcelain panel painting which was handmade.

The restaurant was called "Cuckoo". In keeping with the name the restaurant had lots of cuckoo clocks inside.The boss of the restaurant was German so it had a Bavarian style design.The buffet here was very nice, especially their dessert. They had delicious muffin with ice cream and many different kinds of pudding. During the lunch, there were two performances. One was German traditional singing, which was very lovely. Another was an Australian Aboriginal musical, but I felt the musical instrument sounded very weird.




我們離開該地區後,前往“布穀鳥”餐廳 (Cuckoo) 吃午飯的途中看到一個小城鎮,裡面有幾間很特別的商店。這是一個充滿藝術感的小鎮。我的父親買了手工製作的陶板畫。



普芬比利鐵路 小火車

午餐後,我們去了普芬比利鐵路 (Puffing Billy Railway) 的其中一個車站,是蒸汽火車,空氣中我們可以聞到一些氣體的味道。乘客可以坐在沒有玻璃的窗戶上,手和腳都可以伸出窗外。路上的風景超美,在火車上,是很快樂的時刻。

After lunch we went to one of Puffing Billy Railway’s stations. The trains were steam trains, we could smell some gas in the air. They allowed passengers to sit on the windows which had no glass and stretch their arms and legs out of the windows. Landscapes on the road were great and we had a good time on the train.


We spent 2 hours travelling to Phillips island that was in the south of Melbourne and there was a nature park on the island. There was a special animal in the park – penguin, and that was why we went to the island. At first, we went to a village near the coast and had dinner. It was another Chinese restaurant, but the special thing was that everyone had half a baked lobster and a cup of red wine. We went to the protected area after dinner. There were lots of cars and buses heading that way, so there was a small traffic jam on the road. We waited for penguins on the beach at nightfall. Penguins look for foods in the sea in the morning and go home at night every day. We waited about half an hour, the first wave of penguins came to the shore. We watched the penguins walking in the viewing area. It was funny to look their way of walking. They were small and very cute. Some of them stopped walking and they looked at people or just gazed.… Although the staff kept telling people not to take pictures which might scare the penguins, some of people didn’t listen………..

We arrived at our hotel late at 11pm.


我們花了2小時到菲利普島,在墨爾本南部,島上有一座自然公園,園裡有特別的動物 - 企鵝,我們就是為了企鵝而來。一開始,我們先到了一個靠近海岸的村莊享用晚餐。又是到一間中國餐館,但特別的是,每個人都有半隻烤龍蝦和一杯紅葡萄酒。餐後我們前往保護區,路途中有大量的汽車和公車,所以有點小堵車。







Day 6

In the early morning we went to Melbourne Airport for Brisbane by Qantas Airline. Brisbane is a big city and it was called“Little Taipei” early days, because there were lots of Taiwanese immigrants.

We visited King George Square. There were two special buildings around the square- Brisbane city hall and Albert Church. Brisbane City Hall was an Italian Renaissance style building and Albert Church was one of the famous churches in Brisbane. They say people who held their wedding ceremony in this church wouldn’t divorce in the future.

Our next visit was South Bank Parklands. The park was enormous. There were a big Ferris wheel, an artificial beach, a swimming pool and some facilities for children. There were many restaurants, bars and hotels around the park. It’s a good place for people to explore at the weekend. Then we went to Kangaroo Point, but there weren’t any kangaroos in Kangaroo Point. This place was old Australian aborigines’ hunting grounds.

In the afternoon we arrived at Skypoint tower which was located next to the Gold Coast. The tower is 230 meters high. We could see the beautiful coast line and the city from the tower. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit the beach. And then, we had a buffet for dinner in a shopping mall. After that we waited for a special bus “glow worm tour” which was run by the Australian government.

The official tourist guides were two Chinese, because the members of this tour were Chinese and Taiwanese. The Australia’s glow worms couldn’t fly, but they had glowing tails and they eat mosquitoes by using their glowing tails to attract them. Amazing!!
We went back to our hotel at 11pm. Our hotel was Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove hotel. The hotel had an artificial beach, and a beautiful front yard and a back yard.




我們參觀了喬治王廣場 (King George Square)。廣場附近有兩棟特殊的建築物: 布里斯班市政廳 (Brisbane city hall)和布里斯本著名的阿爾伯特教堂 (Albert Church)。市政廳是意大利文藝復興時期風格的建築,聽說,在這間教堂舉行婚禮的人,將來不會離婚。

我們接下來參觀南岸公園 (South Bank Parklands)。這公園面積非常大,內有摩天輪、人工沙灘、游泳池、一些兒童設施,附近還有許多餐館、酒吧和飯店,這裏真是個週末的好去處。


然後我們去袋鼠角 (Kangaroo Point),但這裏是舊澳洲原住民的獵場,沒有任何袋鼠。

下午我們到達黃金海岸觀景台 (Skypoint tower),位於黃金海岸旁,塔高230米。從這可以看到美麗的海岸線和城市的景色。但很可惜,時間不夠去海灘走走,因為我們必須到一間購物中心吃晚餐,接著等待一台名為「螢火蟲之旅」(glow worm tour) 的特殊公共巴士,這是由澳大利亞政府經營的。





Day 7

It was our last day in Australia. Our last tour arrangement was Dreamworld.
We arrived there at 10am and saw our country’s flag in front of the main entrance. I guess it was because the number of Taiwanese tourists were top 20 in the world.


We watched sheep shearing show. After the show, the most important thing was to take a photo with koala! Everyone had merely about 20 seconds to hold the koala and take a picture with her. Her claws were very sharp, so it wasn’t easy to hold her. She seemed impatient to everything.

Dreamworld was big, but we didn’t have time to visit all facilities. Honestly speaking, I think Leofoo Village Theme Park or Janfusun Fancyworld in Taiwan is better than Dreamworld.

We went to Brisbane Airport at nightfall. Brisbane Airport was small, and there weren’t many duty-free stores. My father bought a bottle of wine and my grandmother bought some wool boots and I bought some souvenirs.
Our flight was fully booked, so it was crowded and hot. That was a bad ending for our trip.



這是我們在澳大利亞的最後一天,上午10點我們到了最後一個旅遊行程目的地:夢幻世界遊樂園 (Dreamworld)。在大門口看到台灣的國旗,我想這是因為台灣遊客的數量是世界排名前20位。

我們觀看剃羊毛表演 (Sheep shearing show),之後最重要的就是抱無尾熊拍照!但每個人都只能抱20秒左右,她的爪子很銳利,所以要抱她很不容易,而且她似乎對一切感到不耐煩。

遊樂園很大,但我們沒有時間去參觀所有設施。老實說,我覺得台灣的六福村主題遊樂園 (Leofoo Village Theme Park) 和劍湖山世界 (Janfusun Fancyworld) 比這裏還更好。



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作者:  Bruce  (現為南山人壽保險業務員)

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