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My Bali Trip, 2017  我的巴里島之旅

Dami  (  EET  台北英文家教學員分享)

Bali Swing

A Trip in Bali Island, Indonesia

We went to Bali, Indonesia for a five-day vacation. It rained every day, so we didn’t go out much. Because of the rain, we mostly stayed at our villas. One day we went to a big swing park in the mountain side, called the Bali Swing.

放假我們去印尼巴里島玩了五天,每天下雨,所以我們大都待在 Villa 別墅內,沒什麼出門。但其中一天,我們有去山邊的盪鞦韆公園 「巴里鞦韆」

Bali Swing:   A Swing in the Valley

 The ticket for an adult cost NT$1,000. There I played on many different swings, it was very special for me.

這盪鞦韆 每人票價折合台幣要一千元,





真的很開心 :)

I swung out I could see the beautiful valley. The local Indonesians took many beautiful photos for me. They were very kind and warm to tourists.


巴里島 Land Rover 吉普車

Land Rover :   Above and beyond experience

We went on a day trip in a Land Rover car. It cost $10,000 which included the cost to rent the car, a tour guide and lunch in the mountains. At first, we thought the cost was very expensive. But, in the end, it  was worth having this service. The roads in the mountains were difficult to drive but because of the Land Rover, it was made possible, an “above and beyond”  experience.

The tour guide took us to many different villages to experience the local life of Balinese people.


在當地的旅遊,我們是租了台有越野性質的 英國 Land Rover 車,日租這台車、外加導遊服務和山中午餐,要價台幣一萬元,本來我們真的覺得很貴,但後來想想還蠻值得的,因為山路難行,沒這台車也進不去,


因為有這台性能卓越、"有境界無止境 "的 Land Rover 和導遊的帶領,我們得以深入巴里深山中體驗當地人的生活。

巴里島 Land Rover 吉普車

Lunch in the Mountain  山中午餐

~ 全文完  End  ~

發佈日期 Published Date 2017年10月31日     

圖文作者AuthorDami  (EET 睿騏英語台北英文家教學員)
中文翻譯Chinese Translation :  EET 睿騏英語小編 Ian

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